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ACPCSF Secretariat

Secretary General of BANGO
Roosevelt King

The ACPCSF Secretariat is located in Barbados at the offices of the Barbados Association of Non Governmental Organisations. It is from the desk of the Secretary General of BANGO that a network is operated to keep members in contact, hence keeping the Forum together. The Secretariat was officially established in 2009 after the third Forum, when members recognised that if the Forum was to stay alive, they had to take ownership.

It was natural for BANGO to assume the Secretariat because it had already established an online network for members since 2006. As the representative to the Forum, the Secretary General himself was one of the leading voices at the third Forum, guiding the business of the Forum towards ownership by members. Indeed it was a paper from BANGO that declared the Forum an international organisation and was accepted by the ACP Secretariat which finally recognised the Forum as a legitimate entity and circulated an advisory to ACP governments announcing the same.

The Secretariat acts in the name of the Chairman, Lawman Lynch of Jamaica.


The Brussels Link

small Joyce 
Joyce van Genderen-Naar

BANGO recruited Joyce in 2009, just before the last meeting of the Forum. It was with her dedication and hard work that the Forum is kept informed and abreast of developments. She ensures that the Forum is well armed with information to participate at the highest level in the development cooperation process. A lawyer and journalist by training, she is an advocate for ACPCSF. She is based in Brussels and directly on the spot and this she is dfoing voluntary.


Senior Members

 medium RenwickRose
Renwick Rose, ACPCSF Stalwart

 Renwick Rose of WINFA in St. Vincent, has been the backbone of the Forum since its inception. Single-handedly and using his own funds, Renwick represented the Forum at the highest level in Brussels. He has taken the plight of the farmers across the ACP to the relevant EU and CARICOM institutions and travelled extensively throughout Europe and the ACP fighting unfavourable terms in international agreements, especially the EPAs.

Along with Renwick, senior members have formed a committee which advises the Chairman and the Secretariat. These are: Ken Ukaoha (Nigeria), Bernard Elizabeth (Seychelles), Grant (Somoa, Pacific Islands) and Mouna Dieng (Senegal).