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This portal is the initiative of Barbados Association of Non Governmental Organisations (BANGO) to give more visibility to the non profit sector. It was partly funded by the European Union through the Non State Actors Panel and is designed to allow non profit organisations to have their own websites together with an environment for networking.

BANGO is a national network of NGOs and the creation of this portal completes the technical aspect of the network, which previously operated as an online e-mail group. The portal is not only for the use of NGOs but will also be useful to governments, international agencies or any organisations wishing to locate organisations from the non profit sector in Barbados.

The creation of the Portal is part of the mandate of BANGO to provide technical services to organisations that would help them build capacity. Considering that the world has gone digital and that this is already the medium of the future, the sector is now well placed to interact with the rest of the world.